Proper isn’t just premium BHO. It’s a lifestyle.

We use an innovative extraction process with the finest cannabis and the purest butane available. Each and every run is refined for 100 hours with our proprietary purging process which eliminates mystery oils and hydrocarbons. The result is a premium product boasting a great flavor and a long lasting effect.

BHO Shatter

Proper’s BHO shatters are vacuumed purged for purity to create an extremely potent and favorable extract. Our Premium Butane Hash Oil Shatters are ideal for dabbing and other vaporization methods.


Everything you love about Proper BHO Shatter wrapped up in a discreet and convenient vape pen cartridge.

Paired with the easy-to-use rechargeable Proper battery, you can enjoy our premium BHO anytime, anywhere.


Everything you love about Proper BHO wrapped up in a discreet and easy to use vape pen. Vape pen comes pre-charged and pre-filled in a sleek, one piece design.

Safety is our top priority. It’s important to never operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana. Please keep all marijuana products out of reach of children.

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